Tri-Town Farmers' Markets
 COVID-19 Response Plan

The Tri-Town Farmers' Markets are an important source of safe, local foods to the community of the greater Eliot area and Farmers' Markets are identified as being “essential businesses and operations” by the Governor’s Executive Order (3/24/20). We take our role seriously, and as such are implementing measures to reduce the risk of community spread of the COVID-19 virus, and to protect the public, our vendors, and our market volunteers. These measures will remain in effect for the duration of Maine’s public health civil emergency.

Our response plan consists of two parts: measures to be taken by the market as a whole and measures to be taken by each individual vendor

  1. Vendors are required to document in writing how they will implement and enforce all applicable measures at their market booth before being allowed to attend market. 

  2. Vendors found to be in non-compliance with their documented plans will be required to immediately rectify the non-compliance. 

  3. Vendors who cannot or will not comply will be required to immediately stop participating in the market until such a time as they can come back into compliance. 

  4. Vendors should give their documented plans to the market Secretary, who will keep an up-to-date list of vendor’s plans and distribute them to the Steering Committee. As with any other market rule, the Market Manager will ensure vendors are following their plans.

  5. Because of the rapidly changing nature of this crisis, this plan will be updated as needed to reflect the most up-to-date guidance & requirements and -- at such times -- vendors will need to update their documented plans or note that their existing plans are already in compliance.

  6. Furthermore, vendors should comply with the most up-to-date city, state and federal guidance & requirements regarding COVID-19, regardless of how promptly this plan is updated.


All of these measures are taken from the following guidance, recommendations and requirements:


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Measures to be taken by the market as a whole:


  • Do not come to market if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or have been exposed to anyone with symptoms of illness

  • Arrange your booth and checkout procedure so that staff and customers can comply with social distancing requirements, including maintaining 6-foot social distancing for both staff and customers at all times, such as during shopping and checkout

  • Take all reasonable steps to minimize customer handling of unpurchased merchandise

  • Designate with signage, tape, or by other means six-foot spacing for employees and customers in line to maintain appropriate distance

  • Whenever possible, bring a portable hand washing station to market for use by yourself and your employees. If not possible, bring an ample supply of hand sanitizer.

  • Wash and/or sanitize your hands frequently.

  • Encourage and remind customers to refrain from long conversations and to encourage quick, responsible shopping

  • Allow shoppers to preorder, if possible

  • Pre-package foods whenever possible (“grab and go” bags)

  • Consider having two separate staff people to handle payments and products

  • Encourage and clearly mark any cashless/contactless payment options. 

  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces regularly following established disinfectant protocols

  • Persons traveling in private vehicles shall limit passengers to persons within their immediate household.

  • Vendors and staff must wear facemasks while at market, and should practice appropriate mask hygiene.

  • Work with local authorities to ensure that we are operating the market as safely as possible

  • Space vendors/booths as far apart as possible

  • Plan the market layout to avoid bottlenecks and spread out checkout lines

  • Encourage vendors to operate by preorder and help to communicate preorder options to customers

  • Do not allow onsite food consumption, including sampling

  • Do not allow musical performances, demonstrations, bistro tables, etc

  • Implement and actively enforce social distancing requirements

  • Post signage encouraging customers to make quick transactions, avoid socializing/lingering, bring their own hand sanitizer and wash hands when they get home, wash all produce before consumption, remain home if they are sick, even with mild illness, leave 6’ space between themselves and their nearest neighbor, including when waiting in line

  • Communicate measures with customers via our Facebook page, website and email list

  • When possible, provide access to hand sanitizer for customers

Measures to be taken by each vendor

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